Four US Senators write to Meles Zenawi

By Oromsis Adula

As we approach yet another Ethiopian election, things remain as blink as it was four years ago. I would be a fool to expect something remotely close to the historic election of President Barack Hussein Obama happen in Ethiopia.

Yet, with Obama’s clear and strong message to all dictators like Zenawi, there are reasons to hope that at least Ethio-American relations would change if not the Ethiopian political landscape.

This is not to say that Obama will deliver freedom and democracy to the people of Ethiopia, but simply if we can make loud enough noise around Washington, we have a good chance of pressing Washington to cut US aid to Ethiopia or something close to that.

During the closing weeks of the Bush administration in office, four prominent US senators wrote to the crime minister of Ethiopia about their concerns on the political developments in Ethiopia. It is somewhat disheartening to hear that such high profile senators would fail to mention the fate of millions of Oromos who are languishing in TPLF torture chambers. They have talked about Ms Mideksa, Ogaden and the new law that restricts the work of NGOs in Ethiopia.

I think this should send a clear message to Oromos across this great nation (US) that we are not making enough noise to be heard. That I think is disservice to millions of Oromos who are counting on us to be their voice. The time is right and its now. Let us give a shout out to the Obama’s before they are corrupted. Here is the document.

Crime Minister’s mouthpiece Bereket Simon playing defiant as usual.



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