The Borana Abba Gadaa in Pictures

Young Borana children

These children are the new king’s offspring – one will inherit his title. The coronation ceremony is shrouded in secrecy – anyone witnessing the transfer of power is said to spit blood, and then die.

Guyyoo Gobbaa sitting under a tree

The new king told the BBC that the Somali group was trying to steal his people’s land. “Of course if someone tries to snatch my things, I have to stop him,” he said.

Borana tribesmen dancing

The coronation after-party continues for days, with elders travelling from distant villages to pay their respects.

Guyyoo Gobbaa

Guyyoo Gobbaa is a 36-year-old cattle farmer from a remote region of southern Ethiopia. He has also just been named king of one million people from the Borana group. (All pictures: Anita Powell)



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