Kwame Nkrumah At 100 – Lessons for African Leadership

By Oromsis Adula

About two months ago, I wrote a short commentary about AU’s decision to elect Gaddafi as its chairman. At that time I stated, the election of the longest serving African head of state to lead the effort towards the formation of United States of Africa was nothing but the height of irresponsibility for African leaders.

Unless African leaders step up to the plate and take responsibility for their own actions, let alone forming the United States of Africa; combating disease epidemic, vicious cycles of poverty and unprecedented corruption remains distant. The hand-outs from Western donors will only perpetuate the problems. Africans must learn to stand on their own foot. 

Today, I came across the following article by Yao Graham, an activist and writer, who is also the head of Third World Network Africa, a pan-African research and advocacy organization based in Accra, Ghana.

Read the Artcile HERE — The Ghanian Journal.



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