Oromo People Must Unite!!

By Abdulkadir Gumi*

The survival of Oromoland, the self-dependence of this nation and the development toward the bright future, of which our hopes and endeavor are pioneered, depend upon OROMO POLITICAL UNITY. Under Oromo political UNITY, under unified political direction, there would emerge a united Oromia and Oromo people – a great and powerful nation.

Oromo people and politicians MUST KNOW. The forces that UNITE us are far greater than the difficulties that divide us. Our goal must be the establishment of Oromo dignity, progress, prosperity and UNITY.

It is for us to grasp what is a golden opportunity to prove that the genius in Oromo people can surmount the tendencies of a tyrannical state.

It is my deep conviction that all people wish to be free and that the desire of freedom is rooted in the soul of every one of us. A people long-subjected to foreign domination, however, do not always find it easy to translate that wish into action. Under arbitrary rules, people are apt to become lethargic; their sense is dulled; fear becomes the dominant force in their daily lives.

People who lead the struggle for freedom of Oromia MUST break through these apathy and fear. They must give active impression and expression to universal longing to be free; they MUST respect and strengthen the Oromo people’s faith in themselves and encourage other toward freedom. This must be done through Political UNITY. We have many frontier troubles which should be resolved with the contest of OROMO UNTY.

I cannot believe in the impossibility of achieving Oromo Unity anywhere. Political leaders should know that task before us is a challenging one and no easy road to the achievement. The environment that Oromo diplomats operate in is certainly the important factor. The factor that shapes the Oromo foreign relation should be adopted.

When Oromos are mapped and analyzed in this fashion everything will become possible.

* Abdulkadir Noor Gumi is a human rights activist who uses his own writings to express Oromo people’s sufferings in Oromia, Ethiopia and Kenya, and to fight against oppression and human rights violation. He serves the voiceless Oromo people of Northern Kenya and Oromia, defends their dignity and fights for justice. He can be reached at the following email address for any comments and feedback: noorgumi2006@yahoo.com or waasole@yahoo.com.

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