Ethiopian Tannery Responsible for the Pollution of Lake Koka-OSA

Oromsis wishes to applaud OSA for breaking the silence and hope elite OSA members would continue to speak out against the environmental, social and political repression inflicted upon the Oromo people by minority government of Ethiopia.

Oromo Studies Association (OSA) and its members are appalled by the alarming reports of the destruction of Lake Koka and the death of thousands of Oromo farmers by toxic waste discharged into the lake by The Ethiopia Tannery, a company run by Pittards PLC since August 2005, and located near the lake. There are now scientific reports (1), TV documentaries (2), and first-hand testimonies that have firmly established that Lake Koka, once a source of clean and fresh water for the Oromo community living around it, has become a death chamber for the community.

In a recent TV documentary, a mother who lost her six children and her husband testifies that the tannery has transformed the lake, once a source of fresh livelihood, into a major source of disease and death not only for her family, but also for the cattle drinking water from the lake. Similarly, the testimony of health professionals who operate in the vicinity corroborates the disturbing environmental degradation and the loss of human lives caused by the pollution. Action Professionals Association for the People (APAP), a non-profit, non-partisan nongovernmental organization, has even taken the case to the court to seek compensations for the damages caused by this pollution.

Gadaa.com has the full letter and related reports.



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