Ogina Webzine’s special issue focuses on HIV/AIDS

The HIV virus has no respect for national borders and cares nothing about ethnic cultures; rather, it is a worldwide event, and so people from different ethnicities and different nation states must work with each other transnationally to respond to it. But what do we mean by transnational? This presents us all with a problem, for as Dr. Elemo points out in his essay, Oromia needs to have some autonomy in order to solve this issue because the Ethiopian government has undermined the Oromo people’s efforts; autonomy is important, but at the same time, people around the world learn from each other and share resources.


That is why Mr. Olani’s organization includes all Sub-Saharan African nations; that is why we include an original short story from Patricia Lukamba Waliaula of Kenya; and that is why one of our editors, Maya Tessema, has written a review of a book that collects stories about how people in India have responded to AIDS and of a documentary that shows how the dis-empowerment of women in Bronx, New York has something in common with the dis-empowerment of women in modern-day Ethiopia.

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