Let’s foster Tokummaa for Bilisummaa!

By Fayyis Oromia

    What ever the dictators in the empire do, the train of Oromo Liberation Movement goes forward slowly, but surely to the Kaayyoo. In 1991 the train which started its journey from Djibouti (Garbummaa) arrived Diredhawa, but not yet Adama (genuine federation), on the way to Finfinnee (Bilisummaa = Kaayyoo). Our colonizers like it or not, this way or that way, the next “election” in 2010 can be the opportunity for the train to move to Adama. Let’s be watchfull and strengthen our Tokkummaa for Bilisummaa and then use the opportunity! Of course the spirit OLF (mindset of all Bilisummaa loving Oromos) is moving in genuine OPDO-Oromos, OFC-Oromos and ULFO-Oromos. This spirit is uniting us, even if we seem to be disunited structurally!!!


Genuine OPDO-Oromos with OLF-mindset are there to keep the status quo by making their rhetoric,that they have liberated us, even though they know that we moved from Djibouti only to Diredhawa. OFC-Oromos with OLF-mindset are trying their best to promote the liberation journey to Adaama, we hope they will succeed in next election. ULFO-Oromos with OLF-mindset then will finish the journey to Finfinne.  To promote the last phase, we definitely need alliance with only oppressed nations like Afar, Somali, Benishangul-gumuz, Gambella and nations in SNNP. But very important above all is Tokkummaa for Bilisummaa of all Oromo organizations, who need to unite to:

– live in Diredhawa together (keep the status quo),
– move to Adaama together and
– finish our journey to Finfinne together.


The question yet to be answered is, why should we and how can we build these Tokummaa for Bilisummaa? Here is the answer:

We are big nation with 40 million people. But yet we are colonized. One of the many factors which hinder us from success is the fragmentation of our political organizations. We do now have seven mini-Liberation Fronts (LFs) roaring like baby lions against one BIG Hyena aka Weyane. The well experienced scavenger, Aite Hyena is laughing at our mini-lions for they are not dangerous to it. It even pretends to take one or two of them seriously and try to negotiate with them. But the lions can not gain in the negotiation for the Hyena despises them. In order to gain in negotiation, the mini-lions aka our fragmented LFs need to be strong in battle field. That is why all the MINI Liberation Fronts (3 OLFs, COPLF, FIDO, FIO and UOPLF) have to come under one structure and build one strong OLF. No body in life fears 100 baby lions, but every one scared of confronting one strong ADULT lion!

Here is my small suggestion on how to forge such strong ADULT Lion, in front of whom all our enemies can tremble and shit instead of laughing at us:

I) At the level of the public: we need to enhance the consciousness of our people at the grass root and organize them to be oriented to the BIG picture, to our END, i.e to Bilisummaa. We have to help our communities all over the world to forge Tokummaa for Bilisummaa and Walabummaa. Every Oromo at grass root should take heed of the dividers, who try to play the cards of region, party and religion to sow a discord among Oromos.

II) At the level of the media
(forums, radio, internet news, paltalks….etc), we should be wise enough to discern between constructive and destructive comments, criticisms, ideas…etc. We know that now days our enemies use Oromo name, Oromo language and Oromo identity in order to fight against us. Every comment, idea or critics said or written by some body in the name of Oromo is not necessarily from Oromo. Of course there are “NAIVE” Oromos knowingly or unknowingly serving the interest of our enemies against Oromo cause. So our bloggers and journalists should take heed of such destructive messages and expose them as they are.

III) At the level of the polity, I just recommend all Oromo organizations try to work together. It is encouraging that the “legal” opposition is consolidating under one alliance called OFC. Let our 7 mini-lions (COPLF, FIDO, FIO, OLF-J, OLF-Q, OLF-S and UOPLF) come together and foster one strong ADULT lion. They do accuse each other as if they do have different Kaayyoo. But when we look at them and their programs exactly, they do have no difference in Kaayyoo. Their common Kayyoo is clear, i.e Bilisummaa Uumata Oromo and Walabummaa Biyya Oromo. Where they do differ is only in Garaa and Karaa. We can understand the difference in Garaa in double sense. One is because of the EMOTIONAL disagreement of some Oromo politicians (antipathy to each other). The other is of course some politicians are putting SELF-Interest higher than Oromo people’s interest. I hope in due time, these politicians learn to control their Garaa and work together for the sake of Oromo people’s Kaayyoo. The difference regarding Karaa is actually complementary rather than contradictory. They only need to accept and respect the Karaa chosen by each of them. Just as an example OLF’s “illegal” Karaa and OFC’s “legal” Karaa are complementary!!

 Regarding the possible alliance with Abesha democratic forces, we may move with them to Adaama, but surely they will not be willing to move with us to Finfinne. To comprehend the difference, Let’s look at the four current political blocs in the empire starting with letter A in Amharinyaa:

Andinet Hayiloch: those unitarist forces crying for the further existence of the empire with pretext of Ethiopian Unity as it was before 1991, being dominated by Amharas and Amharinyaa. Now this group seems to be classically represented by AEUP and EPRP!

 – Abiyotawi Hayiloch: the current ruling fascist regime of Weyane’s revolutionary democratic forces!

Abironet Hayiloch: those unionists/federalists, who try to achieve both Independence of nations and Union of the region, be it in the name of Ethiopia or Horn of Africa! Eg are FDD (MEDREK), OLF and probably G7M!

Arinet Hayiloch: those fighting exclusively for Independence of their respective nations, disregarding the possibility and the importance or benefit of forging Union of Independent Nations! Eg ULFO and probably ONLF!

The Andinet Hayiloch want that we move back to Djibouti, the Abiyotawi Hayiloch want to keep the status quo, with Abironet Hayiloch we can move to Adaama, but we need an alliance with the Arinet Hayiloch to end our journey to Finfinne. A new alliance of opposition groups in diaspora, which can be basically the same to AFD, but which emphasizes the importance of Union/Walfaanummaa/Abronet, needs to be formed in order to promote our liberation journey. Of course only Abronnet & Arinnet Hayiloch can be ready for such alliance. I encourage OLF to take a lead as before and forge such alliance against the sewu-bella fascist regime of Weyane!!

In short, Tokummaa for Bilisummaa is the panacea for our hitherto predicament.

**Fayyis Oromia can be reached at fayyis@yahoo.de




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