Investment or Exploitation?

The minority led government of Ethiopia has continued its onslaught against the Oromo and the rest of the Ethiopian people. Our fatherland is taken away from our people; our families are displaced and starving by none other than a minority armed tribe who occupied our land under the pretense of fake federation.

Now our country is being sold to Arabs, Chinese and all forms of exploitation at no cost by displacing our people, destroying our forest, and starving our people.  We should do whatever is in our disposal to stop this crime against our people.

Systematically and surely, the TPLF regime is making every attempt to consolidate all investment (in this case resource exploitation) projects either under one of the many conglomerates owned by Sheik Al Amoudi or the Tigrean owned chief exploitation apparatus called EFFORT.

Addis Fortune has more on the “New Al Amoudi Company” set up to loot Ethiopian resources.



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