Ethiopia: TPLF denying access and humanitarian assistance to famine affected regions

Edited by Oromsis Adula based on reports filed from Eastern, Central and Southern Oromia.

The minority tribal junta led by the Tigre Liberation Front (TPLF) of Meles Zenawi is reportedly denying humanitarian assistance and access by international humanitarian agencies and journalists to areas devastated by famine especially in eastern, Central and Southern Oromia region of Ethiopia; and the Ogaden region.

Community leaders and local humanitarian aid workers confirmed to Opride.com that the TPLF regime is denying access either alleging there is no famine in those parts of country or by telling them that the regime will not guarantee the security and safety of aid agency staffs and journalists.

Opride.com reporters have also confirmed that severely affected regions of Oromia particularly in South and Eastern Arsi, East and West Hararge, Borana, Bale, East and Western Shewa Zones of Oromia region have not received any humanitarian assistance for the last couple of months.  Pleas for assistance by the starving Oromo people in those regions are not answered by Tigre ethnic minority regime that has been in power for the last two decades with the support and help of the Western powers.

Critics have called it out that the Tigre Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) regime is using famine to break the political will of rival Oromo and Amhara people to completely subjugate these two largest ethnic groups in the country.

Reports also indicate that there are alarmingly high rate of disappearance of prominent community leaders, professionals, farmers and students in famine affected regions of Oromia —a testament to the political nature of the ongoing Ethiopian famine.

Survey of aid operation agencies in famine affected Oromo regions of Ethiopia also indicates that humanitarian assistance, where provided, are carried out and operated under the direct control of TPLF and members of the minority Tigre ethnic group.

We have previously noted, over the last two decades, the brutal and most repressive ethnic apartheid policies of the  TPLF under  Mr. Meles Zenawi have  effectively shifted famine from northern Ethiopia  to hitherto  food self sufficient regions of Oromia and Amhara.

These worrying situation demands particular attention of donor countries and international organizations particularly the United States, the European Union, the United Nations, the World Bank, IMF and humanitarian organizations to strictly scrutinize the aid delivery systems, the ethnic apartheid policies of the regime and the dire need of the people in the famine affected areas instead of showering the TPLF tribal junta with Western taxpayers hard earned dollars.



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