Ethiopia : 270,000 Oromo children are on the brink of death

Okule Buli helps her five-year old daughter Jamila sit up in her bed in the Intensive Care Unit of a medical center run by Medecins Sans Frontiers in Kuyera, Ethiopia, 02 Sep 2008

Voice of America (VOA) reports [citing the U.N. Children’s Fund] an estimated 270, 000 Oromo children are on the verge of death as the armed Tigre tribal militia continues to deny access and humanitarian aid to famine affected central, Eastern and Southern Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Similar reports indicated that an estimated 13.5 million Oromo people are on the brink of death in Central, Eastern and Southern Ethiopia.

On the other hand, the Tigre tribal minority regime of Meles Zenawi continued its attack on the Oromo by taking their farmland and giving it to Arabs and Chinese as starving Oromo population are fleeing the heavily armed tribal junta’s militia and in search of food and water.

The Tigre tribal junta is reportedly claiming that the land it is taking and giving to Arabs and the Chinese are either abandoned or belongs to the Tigre regime not the Oromo people.It is to be noted that until this week the head of Tigre tribal junta, Mr. Meles Zenawi, was denying the existence of famine in Ethiopia. In fact the regime was accusing humanitarian organizations and the media for exaggerating the number of people in need of food aid.

It is also well known that the denial of famine is part of the tribal junta’s political agenda to break the political will of the people opposing the ethnic apartheid rule the Tigre regime.

Read VOA report for more – Many Severely Malnourished Children in Ethiopia at Risk of Death



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