Famine and Political Repression forcing thousands of Oromos to flee

Every single day atleast ninety Oromos are fleeing the TPLF regime’s persecution to Somaliland and thousands to other neighboring countries such as Yemen, Sudan, Kenya and Somalia.

Lack of leadership and organization that stands for the rights/plights of the Oromo both in and outside Oromia is making Oromos the prey of minority Tigre ethnic tribal racism and apartheid rule which lives on the resources and blood of the Oromo.

The worsening repression and political persecution by TPLF regime of Ethiopia is forcing thousands of Oromo young men and women out of their country to live under dire circumstances at refugee camps. On the other hand, manmade famine is making it hard for millions of families to provide for their children. It should be recalled that the U.N and VOA has reported over 270,000 children are on the verge of death.

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In October 1984, the BBC brought the rapidly worsening scale of famine in Ethiopia to public attention.

As the BBC’s Mike Wooldridge discovers on his return to the country, today Ethiopia remains a land where hunger is never far away.

Prolonged drought and erratic rainfall are causing severe crop failure in some parts of the country and the Ethiopian government is appealing for emergency food aid for 6.2 million people.

One farmer in Wolayta district in hardest-hit southern Ethiopia, Yangago Bunja, describes what the total loss of his maize crop means for his family.

Watch the BBC Video here.




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