The TPLF taking over Oromo Coffee farms and businesses

The tribal TPLF regime of Ethiopia established the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) in April 2008 to control the Ethiopian (Oromo) coffee business. The ECX Board of Directors is composed exclusively of ethnic Tigre’s and few Amharas. Despite the fact that the majority of coffee exported from the country comes from Oromia, there is no Oromo in this enterprise established to expropriate Oromo coffee farmers and business people by the Tigre regime. Since the news broke, there has also been a flood of debates about the need and motive of ECX among the Ethiopian Diaspora.

Now, just little over a year after the establishment of ECX, Jason McClure of Bloomberg news reports that the TPLF owned Guna PLC (another proxy of the Tigrians conglomerate, EFFORT) is fully prepared to take over the coffee business determined to subject Oromo farmers to its barbarian, cruel and brutal servitude.

It remains to be seen whether Dr Eleni of ECX has fallen out with the regime or whether the full disclosure of her ethnicity have raised some eyebrows among the Tigrean circle. Meanwhile, experts worry that the move will not only affect the poor farmers but it will also make the export market crowded.

The barbarian and cruel regime continued its onslaught on the Oromo people even as two third of the country is under extreme famine.

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