Petition to find the murderer or murderes of Keyru Lolo

Do you have a brother?

Imagine your beloved brother walking down the street and getting brutally shot in a broad day light. That is exactly what happened to my brother, Keyru Mustafa Lolo, on October 16, 2009.

We came to the United States in 1996 hoping that we will finally be safe and be reunited with our family members who were already in the U.S.

Since coming to the states, just like all immigrants do, we have been hard at work to pursue our American dream. Whereas, I managed to finish college, my younger brother is in his junior year of college and Keyru was expected to complete his studies this year.
We dreamed of a day where we will successfully finish school, get a decent job and help the less fortunate ones in our community and members of our families left behind in Ethiopia. Keyru even has to take semesterS off from school to make ends meet by doing minimal jobs.

He often talked about his dream of someday going back home to Ethiopia to help young children get education. That dream was cut short when we received the cold news on October 16th a little before midnight.

We were stunned beyond words because Keyru was not your typical immigrant kid who roams the neighborhood doing drugs or other criminal activities. He has always been a good role model, active volunteer in the community and a law abiding citizen.

In his spare time, Keyru often strives to teach immigrant kids to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities afforded to them in America.

Now that such humble beginning and dreams of some day affecting change in the community has abruptly ended. We hope justice will be served in the case and the culprits will be captured.

However, I need your help.

Please take a minute to sign the above linked petition urging the Denver Police Homicide Unit to take all necessary steps to expedite and make the criminal investigation a high priority.

Thank You,

Mubarek Lolo


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