Ethiopia: Agreement to focus on Torturing and Killing Oromo People

By Tola Biya*

The Tigre ethnic apartheid regime of Ethiopia agreed with two Amhara opposition groups not torture and kill Amhara ethnic group to enable the regime pull its resources , killing squads and tribal militias from Amhara region to exclusively focus on attacking the Oromo people, estimated 40 million out of Ethiopia’s 80 million population, which the regime sees as its main threat. According to political analysts in Ethiopia, the Regime’s focus will also extended to the Somalis region (also known as Ogaden), Sidama and other Southern groups like Walayita and Gurage where the apartheid regime is facing fierce resistance.

The agreement the Tigre Apartheid regime billed as Code of Conduct was signed on November 2, 2009 between two Amhara parties – Engineer Hailu Shewal’s All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) and Lidetu Ayalew’s Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP). It is to be noted that all ethnic Amhara political parties are known to use the name Ethiopia to claim national status and perpetuate Amharas influence, culture, and political power over the rest of the Ethiopian people through the use of government structure, Amharic language and the “Ethiopian” Orthodox Church.

Since 1991, except for the Amharic language, the Tigre apartheid regime has taken over the “Ethiopian” Orthodox Church and the State structure. Currently, “Ethiopian” Orthodox Church and the “Ethiopian” Government structures are exclusive Apartheid Institutions where only ethnic Tigre is allowed to hold office and work. In fact the Tigre apartheid system is quickly expanding into schools, businesses and social life greatly affecting the social, economic and political life of the Ethiopian people.

In today’s Ethiopia, certain government, business and religious institutions are de facto and in some cases de jure exclusive Tigre ethnic apartheid institutions. For instance only ethnic Tigreans are allowed to operate import and export trade from and out of Ethiopia, and work and hold office at the Immigration, Customs, Inland Revenue, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Prime Minister’s Office, and Ethiopian Embassies and Consular Missions abroad. Simply observation by anyone including foreigner who is familiar with Ethiopia could easily conclude that the aforementioned Ethiopian government institutions are de facto or de jure exclusive apartheid institutions where only ethnic Tigre is allowed to work and hold office.

The Code of Conduct Agreement the Tigre apartheid regime signed with the two Amhara groups is modeled on Boru Meda Agreement of 26 April 1878 between Yohannes( the Tigre warlord) and Menelik( the Amahra Warlord). The Boru Meda Agreement was signed between the two rival Tigre and Amhara warlords to enable Menelik to attack the Oromo people in present day central , Southern and Western Ethiopia; and leave the rest of Amhara and Tigre region to Yohannes. That agreement was the basis and cause of the unreported Oromo genocide and the subjugation of the Oromo Nation which persists to the present day.

The Boru Meda Agreement and strategy was quickly designed after General Napier of Great Britain gave the two warlords modern European firearms for their support in his expedition which ended the life of another warlord by the name Tewedros at Maqidalla,Wello, in 1868, who detained British explorers and citizens. Oral tradition of the Amhara and Tigre ethnic group still narrates how the “Ethiopian”Orthodox Church advised the two warlords not to spill the blood of the Christians Tigre or Amhara while there are millions of Oromo and Muslims to the South and the west to be killed by their newly acquired European modern weapons. The two warlords followed the advice of the priests to the latter. Yohannes died while fighting with Sudanese Muslims while Menelik succeeded in exterminating millions of people in Oromia, Ogaden and much of the South. That legacy of extermination of the Oromo and the rest of the southern people still persists.

One hundred years later, the “code of conduct agreement” the Tigre apartheid regime signed with the two Amhara groups is modeled on the same term and strategy designed at the Boru Meda Agreement. The current agreement is designed to achieve three purposes.

The first purpose of the agreement is to hoodwink the gullible and clueless Western Journalists and Diplomats based in Addis Ababa that the Tigre regime has reached an agreement with Opposition parties to prepare for the May 23, 2010 sham election where 94% of Ethiopians will elect the minority Tigre ethnic group by 99.9% vote to prolong its most hated ethnic apartheid regime. The agreement is particularly deceiving to the Western diplomats and journalists since the two Amhara parties are using the name Ethiopia by calling themselves “All Ethiopian Unity Party” and “Ethiopian Democratic Party” – when in fact both of them only represent the Amhara ethnic group.

Tigre and Amhara political elites knows very well that the gullible Western Journalists and Diplomats don’t understand or bother to pierce the veil (Ethiopia) to uncover that the agreement is actually between the Tigre and Amhara ethnic groups to the exclusion of all other Ethiopian population particularly the Oromo which comprises close to 50% of the Ethiopian population and all others including the Ogaden Somalis, Sidamas, Kambatas and Gurages. Due to this failure or reckless policy to look elsewhere on the part of Western powers, the current strategy, according to political analysts in Ethiopia and the United States, is helping the Tigre Apartheid regime to keep the inflow of aid and assistance in the name of the Ethiopian people so that regime will continue building its ethnic homeland and apartheid institutions. These analysts believe that the strategy has already succeeded since most western media outlets and diplomats called the agreement a great success and step forward for the democratization of Ethiopia.

The second purpose of the agreement is to allow the Tigre regime to pull its West provided resources, firearms and its tribal militia it calls “Ethiopian Defense Force” together and deploy them in Oromia and the Ogaden where the regime is facing fierce resistance. Political analysts say that the strategy is actually fully operational. These analysts refer to the recent Reuters report where the Tigre regime detained 450 and killed 7 Oromo intellectuals and political leaders in Oromia days after the regime signed the Code of Conduct agreement with the Amhara groups.

The regime’s attack is principally focused and targeted at members of Oromo People’s Congress (OPC) and Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM), the two opposition Oromo parties legally operating in Ethiopia. Political analysts also underline that the exclusion of the Forum for Dialogue /Mederk/ was designed to isolate and attack the two Oromo opposition parties. According to analysts who followed the Tigre regime’s political strategy of attack and elimination of any threat for two decades, where it is dubious the regime will continue to use the name of the Oromo Liberation Front(OLF) to attack and kill Oromo Intellectuals, Students, Business people and farmers.

The third purpose of the agreement
is to design strategy on how to use the Western aid and assistance effectively for the purpose of the two ethnic groups jointly. Accordingly inside sources, the Tigre regime, in addition to not to torture and kill Amhara ethnic group, has also agreed to appoint Hailu Shewal of “All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP)” as the next President, the titular Head of State of Ethiopia. According to political analysts who have access to the inside information of the regime, the Tigre apartheid regime has agreed to throw out the current elderly Oromo titular President to which 80 years old Hailu Shewal delightfully agreed.

As the Boru Meda agreement intensified the relationship between the Tigre and Amhara ethnic groups, the Oromo people and the rest of the Southern nations and nationalities are reportedly on guard and under extreme unease against any eventuality to defend themselves against the brutal Tigre tribal militia and mercenaries. Oromo community leaders and elders are reportedly holding regular consultation on how to defend themselves against the Tigre tribal militias who invaded their land travelling thousands of miles from its ethnic homeland in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.

It is not yet clear whether Western powers such the United States, United Kingdom and European Union will stop or continue to support the ethnic apartheid regime of Meles Zenawi even as the atrocity and crimes against humanity against the Oromo people and the rest of Ethiopian people, to the exclusion of Amhara ethnic group, will widen in scope and deepen in brutality. Many Oromo and other Ethiopians hope and pray that the West will change course.

According to these Ethiopians the growing public hatred and anger building up against the western powers is about to explode and endanger the peace and security of the entire sub-region ultimately undermining the western powers strategy in the region. Questions remain whether the west would heed the silent cry of the Ethiopian people or disregard Ethiopia as an emerging Horn of African Congo and continue to loot the country in the name of development with the minority ethnic group in power.

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