Ethiopia : Food Aid is for the Poor not a Political Weapon

This is a really disturbing trend. The current minority regime has for so long denied the existence of famine in Ethiopia. Even after its own shameful admission that 6.2 million people need emergency food aid and another 7 million are on the edge, the government is profiling people based membership in a political party to distribute foreign food aid.

In the past, the ethnic apartheid regime of Meles Zenawi has reportedly funneled food and other foreign aid to Tigray (its home state) and other unintended projects. But now, as we near yet another sham election of which the ruling party is already a victor, Meles Zenawi’s government is using foreign food aid to shore up some votes and pretend a hallow democratic victory.

It is also no secret that membership in one of the puppet “People’s Democratic Organizations” is a prerequisite for employment and other opportunities in Ethiopia.

I hope that donor groups and other international bodies will recognize these disturbing, discriminatory and inhumane behaviors of the current minority junta in Ethiopia. We call on International Communities and donor groups to stop financing a dictator that is systematically committing heinous crimes against Ethiopian people.

Reuters Report: Ethiopia opposition says food aid kept from members.
Ethiopia Opposition Accuses Government of Using Aid for Votes, Bloomberg



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