Oromia : A Popular Student Uprising Remembered

By Daandii Qajeelaa

This week Oromo nationalists in Oromia and around the globe commemorate the popular student uprising known as the Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa (meaning the “Revolt Against Subjugation”) that suddenly broke out on November 09, 2005 following the failed 2005 Ethiopian election in which the Oromo was denied any meaningful representation.

The popular revolt started on November 09, 2005 following a call by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to Oromo students and the entire Oromo people to peacefully oppose the government and bring to the forefront the demands of democracy, justice, and most importantly, the realization of the right of the Oromo people to self-determination. Below are the chronology of the events related to the 2005 “Revolt Against Subjugation” that began with brutal killings of unarmed students in Ambo High School, Western Shoa zone, Ambo town.

Two of the students shot dead in Ambo on 9 November 2005 (Photo from OSG Report No. 42)

1. November 09, 2005: Students of Ambo High School staged a peaceful demonstration. At least five students were reported killed(1), including students Jagama Badhane and Kabbada Badhassa, and a younger female student, and the police killed at least two more(2) at a protest rally in response to Jagama’s death (The Reporter, 13 November, 2005). The Sunday Times (November 10) reported 17 others were wounded. The Reporter also reported demonstrations, school closures and loss of lives in Ambo, Wollega, Adama (Nazareth), Woliso, Guder, Gedo and Haromaya; the funeral of Jagama was attended by 50,000 people, which was also a sign of protest against the regime.

The same day, students of Jimma zone, Qarsaa district (woreda), Qarsaa Tolii Elementary School reportedly staged a peaceful demonstration in which they marched on the streets of the town in large numbers denouncing the regime, and openly and loudly demanding their support for the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to come and take over the governance of Oromia.

2. November 10, 2005: In response to the OLF’s call for revolt and outraged by the killings at Ambo High School, students of Biiftuu Ghmbi High School, Western Wollega zone staged a peaceful demonstration. The school was surrounded by the police force of the regime and several students were taken to jail. The same day students of several high schools, such as Xuqur Hincinnii, Gedo, Bako, Jajjii, Nekemte (Eastern Wollega), Shambu (Eastern Wollega), Kofale (Arsi), Shashamanne (Eastern Shoa) and many others, staged demonstration. Hundreds of students were beaten and arrested.

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