Oromia: Oromos Meet in DC to Support OFC

By Million Tesfaye

On November 14, 2009 supporters of Oromo Federalist Congress met at Unification Church in Washington, DC to discuss important strategies and to give their support for the upcoming election.

The chairman of UEDF and OPC, Dr Merera Gudina, gave a very motivating speech and called all Oromos in the Diaspora to unite and to contribute something for the coming national election. Dr Merera also mentioned the current rise of tension of the ruling EPRDF party and the continuation of the imprisonment of supporters and members of OPC and OFDM. He also mentioned that the OFC, the coalition between OPC and OFDM, is now official and has been given recognition by the election board after 9 month of waiting.

We all remember what the May 2005 election turned out to be. The ruling party took its lesson from the previous election and is making things even worse for our candidates and supporters to operate in the country.

Read the Full Report @ Oromo People's Congress
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