Oromo : Opride and Gadaa.com team up to Stream Live the OACC Conference

On March 13, the Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC) will hold a panel discussion on the topic: “What’s Next for the Oromo People?” in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gadaa.com and OPride.com will be bringing this historic panel discussion to Oromos and friends of Oromos across the globe via a live stream at Gadaa.com and OPride.com beginning at 1:00 p.m. CST (19:00 UTC – see your time zone below).

The OACC meeting comes at the dawn of the new decade and will have far-reaching implications for Oromo politics. Panelists at the 2010 OACC Conference include Dr. Fido Ebba, Mr. Hassan Hussein, Mr. Abrahim Abaye, Mr. Abduljelil Abdalla, Mr. Bekele Jirata, Dr. Merera Gudina, Dr. Gemechis Buba, Dr. Asafa Jalatta and Dr. Ezekiel Gebissa.

Gadaa.com and OPride.com are honored to partner with OACC in this groundbreaking and historic venture.

Gadaa.com and OPride.com call upon Oromo Community Centers and Oromo citizens around the world to hold “OACC Panel Discussion” watch events at the same time as the live broadcast. The group settings will benefit the ongoing discourse on the “What’s Next for the Oromo People?”

Details about the event can be found on OACC website: http://www.oromoamerican.org/whatsnew.html

Gadaa.com and OPride.com

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