Oromo Ball : The 2010 Oromia Youth Associations Networking Event

By Oromsis Adula*

The Oromia Youth Association in Minnesota, one of the longest serving Oromo Youth Association in Diaspora is organizing “Oromo Ball”, a networking event that brings together Oromo Youth from around the states.

The Oromia Youth Association in Minnesota has been forefront in raising awareness about the trials and tribulations of Oromo people in Ethiopia. Among other things, the group has been successful in representing the growing Oromo Community in Minnesota at almost every college campus in the state. This was done in the form of cultural shows that entertain and educate the greater Minnesotan community about Oromo people, their plight and rich culture. In that effort, the Oromia Youth Dance troupe has done a great deal in substantiating that Oromos are not cozy about being called Ethiopians — so long as Ethiopia continues to harass, intimidate and imprison the Oromo people en masse.

Since 2007, OYA has also taken up the responsibility of organizing an Oromo Ball – a well anticipated and attended event that draws in young people from around the states. The tradition was started to bring together young and upcoming Oromo youth for networking and social event. However, since the state of Human Rights for Oromo people has deteriorated in recent past, the event has always had some fundraising undertone. Last year at a well attended event in Minneapolis, proceeds from the Oromo Ball was donated to a relief agency that was providing emergency aid for millions of Oromo people who were gravely affected by Ethiopia’s vicious man-made poverty.

This year, the youth group is struggling as almost everyone in the country is. The global economic meltdown is no more real than at OYA. In an internal fundraising letter received by Opride.com, the group pleads for financial donation from Oromo community members and organizations. OYA has been an integral part of the advocacy movement and a great partner to the largest Oromo Community in little Oromia – Minnesota.

The letter from OYA board states proceeds from this year’s Oromo Ball will help OYA organize a successful event whereby the revenue generated from the event will be used “to carry on the very important work of our organization”. Opride.com would like take this opportunity to applaud the youth for the work they do in bringing the community together and rally the youth around issues that are of paramount importance to all of us. The efforts of OYA ought to be supported by all Oromos. After all, don’t we say “the youth is our future heir takers” — Dargaggoon Abdi Borutti?

Event : Oromo Ball 2010

Where: Millennium Hotel Minneapolis

1313 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403

When : April 24th, 2010; 6PM – 1AM

Admission : $30 in Advance, $35 at the Door

For More Info : 612.242.9964 or 763.355.2597

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