Petition : The verdict is in…Kill all OROMOS!

We, the undersigned, are writing this letter to bring to your attention the unlawful, unjust, and brutal sentences handed down by the so called Ethiopian Federal Court on innocent Oromos on the 31st of March 2010.

It is true; the Oromos have been victims of political repression under successive Ethiopian regimes for over 100 years. However, this repression has been squarely intensified during the current regime. Since this regime came to power in 1991, tens of thousands of Oromos have been summarily killed, tortured, kidnapped, and imprisoned. Hundreds of thousands have been forced into exile in neighboring countries in order to escape these atrocities, and many have faced forced repatriation by regimes close to the Ethiopian government just to face their death.

The Ethiopian justice and security system is fully controlled by the ruling party, which dictates the outcome of all the decisions in the judicial process. We are gravely concerned that the current verdict or any verdict passed on Oromos by Ethiopian courts is politically and racially motivated and biased. Because of that we believe justice has never been and will never be served under the current Ethiopian political system.

We want your support and voice to stop Ethiopian government’s atrocities, such as the one passed on Oromos. The following individuals are the most recent to fall victim to this regime’s brutal fate. They are innocent Oromos who have nothing to do with the current government other than being Oromos. Most of these individuals have been abducted from refugee camps or subjected to forced repatriation by neighboring governments – which shows that this regime has extended its reach far beyond its own borders and coercing other countries to disobey the Geneva Convention leading to failure of protecting innocent Oromo refugees. Therefore, we can say that the “Federal High Court’s” awful capital punishment is the verdict given based on arbitrary and capricious anti-Oromo attitude on the following Oromo political prisoners:

  1. Mr. Mesfin Abebe – Death penalty
  2. Mr. Tasfahuun Camada – Life Imprisonment Sentence
  3. Mrs. Abarash Yadata (mother of) four children) – 12 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  4. Mrs. Lalisee Wadajo (mother of three kids) – 10 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  5. Kol. Olaanii Jabeesa – 12 Year Imprisonment (without parole
  6. Mr. Roba Degefa – 10 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  7. Mr. Dejene Dhaba – 10 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  8. Mr. Bakele Negeri – 10 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  9. Mr. Bayisa Hussen – 10 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  10. Mr. Hailu Delessa – 10 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  11. Mr. Dejene Boranaa – 13 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  12. Mr. Bakele Jiraata – 13 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  13. Mr. Kabade Borana – 12 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  14. Mr. Isheetu Kitil – 12 Year Imprisonment (without parole)
  15. Mr. Wabee Hajii – 12 Year Imprisonment (without parole)

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