The Oromia Youth Association (OYA) in Minnesota-Cultutal Show

Click to EnlargeAfter criss-crossing the entire state showcasing the Oromo culture, the Oromia Youth Association (OYA) in Minnesota is set to culminate what has been a busy year with a festive Cultural Show. This year’s show will be held on August 7 at the Augsburg College (719 22nd Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN) starting at 5PM.

The 2010 Oromo Cultural Show, perhaps the last such event to be organized by the outgoing board, will feature poems, fashion show, drama, hawwwisoo, and more. DON’T MISS IT!


For more information, please call Negassa Ayana @ 612-242-9964 or log onto the Official Oromia Youth Association website: www.OromiaYouth.org



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