Hashim Adam Highlights the History and Activities of OSU

Hashim Adam, Former OSU PresidentI honor and salute those who paved the rough and bumpy trail and transformed it into this smooth and less complicated one for us.  These fearless and determined Oromo nationalists choose death over the oppression and injustice against their people. They implanted a pride in our hearts; they fought for us, and taught us how it feels to fight for others. They sacrificed their lives in order to free us. These heroes and heroines are my inspiration for taking a step and deciding to lead Oromia Student Union (OSU) at different levels to uphold the objectives the organization has put forward.

Making such a decision was not easy, but I felt that it was an obligation for me to serve my people. Taking a leadership position in an Oromo organization after the summer of 2008 was very challenging due to the instable environment and doubtful conditions of that time. However, I was confident that I could overcome such obstacles and bring Oromo students under one umbrella for a common cause. At the same time, I was also able to accommodate the needs any Oromo organization, regardless of their ideological differences, just to fulfill the objectives of Oromia Student Union. I also built unforgettable memories with OSU officers and members. I am so proud that I was a team member of OSU board of 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.

The first step to success was establishing a strong OSU board with diverse background. I was very effective in bringing motivated and productive people on board. Secondly, communication was the key. I tried to create a comfortable environment for all by using a very effective way of communication. When I reached out to my board for help, some would call right back while some would text or e-mail me. I communicated closely not only with the board members, but also with active members and friends of the organization. The information flow was very transparent among the board and board members. The progress of the organization and activities of the organization were communicated to the members in a timely manner. Labor was divided among each board member according to their position, and sometimes we did not even care about what position was held by whom because we all helped each other whenever it was necessary. The job was effectively executed!

During my leadership in Oromia Student Union, we, the OSU board, did our best to safeguard the mission of the organization – upholding the Oromo struggle through educational excellence. The solution to the various problems we have been facing for more than a century is education. Having a number of educated human resources by itself does not mean anything unless the educated part of the society takes leadership roles. Oromia Student Union has been playing a great role in producing such a great leadership role in cultivating potential future leaders. Being part of the OSU executive board is like being playground where young Oromo students can get a great experience for their own personal development.  It is also a bridge for young Oromos, especially those who were born, raised and/or grew up in Diaspora, to make a transition to become an active member of the great Oromo community of Minnesota.

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