Oromo:Cooperation of Nationalist Can Hasten Victory

By Ibsaa Guutama

The condition in the Horn of Africa is daily getting bitterer for ordinary people and abusive to rights and liberties of nations and individuals. Despite that Oromo nationalists are not forming common understanding from experience got through struggle. They are so divided into different groups waiting for opportunity to jump on the bandwagon or attract more adherents than the other. The later has been tried several times since the formation of the OLF but remained stagnated. Because of it the negative impact on psyche of society was significant. That, that was a mistake can be seen from the many wasted opportunities. Oromiya and her neighbors are on fire as a result of mismanaged governance. In particular unless Oromiyaa seeks a way out, destruction being aimed at her is total and grave. To break out of this requires cooperation of nationalists.

Overtly preaching slogan of the masses the incumbent government is covertly plundering and carrying out wanton destruction. Past rulers claimed the land as their own. The present one realizes it is not and so is trying to squeeze out of it what ever it can. That is why it sells it at cheap price to oversea land grabbers. Resources that are exploited from Oromiya are not ploughed back into it. They rather pass to enrich the motherland and pockets of the rulers. For this reason it is not difficult to surmise why Oromiyaa suffers from shortage of food, environmental degradation, health care, and education facilities.

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