Widow sues state after convict slays husband

By Levi Pulkkinen

The widow of a murdered Seattle restaurant owner has sued the Department of Corrections, alleging the state failed to supervise her husband’s killer. That man, Rey Alberto Davis-Bell, was sentenced to 123 years in prison for killing Degene “Saffie” Dashasa and for attempting to kill three other people. Among those caught in Davis-Bell’s sights during the Jan. 30, 2008 shooting spree was Yoseb Lee, a contractor shot in the chest at the Central District cheesesteak stand owned by Dashasa.

Convicted of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder, Davis-Bell was convicted on all counts he faced in a string of shootings ending in the slaying of Dashasa and the life-threatening injuries to Lee. At trial, prosecutors argued that Davis-Bell killed Dashasa, owner of Philadelphia Cheese Steak, during a spree targeting people Davis-Bell believed had wronged him. Lee was apparently shot in the chest by Davis-Bell simply for being in the restaurant.

Now, Dashasa’s widow has filed a lawsuit alleging the Department of Corrections failed to watch Davis-Bell the in the 13 months between his release from prison and the January 2008 shooting. Writing the court, attorneys for the woman note that Davis-Bell had previously told court-appointed psychiatrists that hitting people made him “feel good inside” and he’d previously said “one day I’ll get even with everybody who has done me dirty.”

“Prior to this incident, Mr. Davis-Bell had a long and documented criminal history of violence against strangers,” attorney James Buckley said in court documents submitted with the lawsuit.

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