The Resurgence of a God Fearing Ancient Republican Polity

By GebreAb Demeke Wakayo*

For over forty million Oromo People of the Horn of Africa (mainly residing in Oromia/Ethiopia), September is the dawn of the New Year and Thanksgiving month.

While the Oromo New Year (commonly known as the Ethiopian New Year) is celebrated by almost all ethnic groups in the present day Ethiopia, the Thanksgiving Holiday (Irreechaa), still remains peculiar to the Oromo people.

Since this Thanksgiving Holiday is yet to be adopted as their holiday by other ethnic groups residing in Ethiopia, I will call this month long Holiday the Oromo People’s Thanksgiving Holiday, Irreechaa in Oromo language.

As I write this, the colorful celebration of Irreechaa (The Oromo People’s Thanksgiving Holiday) is underway in Oromia (Ethiopia), and around the world by the Oromo Diaspora from Sweden to Australia, from Norway to Canada, from Switzerland to Minnesota, from Germany to Los Angeles, and from Washington D.C to the heartland of Oromia —Shagar.

Who could have imagined just few years back that the Oromo Thanksgiving Holiday will become international holiday except probably few visionary Oromo leaders who made persistence and perseverance their diet, and resilience to prevail their culture?

As the news coverage of this colorful and magnificent Holiday carpets news pages around the world, I was being asked by my American friends who read the news coverage of this Holiday as to its historical roots, and the background of the Oromo nation which prompted me to write this brief account.

Read the Full Article: The Oromo Thanksgiving (Irreechaa) and the Reemergence a God Fearing Ancient Republican Polity.

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