Oromo : Irreechaa in Canada was a Success


The Whitby/Toronto Irrechaa celebration, which started with refreshments and intermingling, continued with thanks giving, libation/dhibaayyuu, prayers and blessings offered by five elderly men and women. In their prayers and blessings, the elderly focused on two major issues targeting two groups of our society.

One is those very few Oromos who confuse Oromo tradition and culture with religions, mainly due to misunderstandings, and use it as an excuse to stay away from such activities of cultural promotion. The elderly requested those individuals to draw a clear line between Oromo cultures and traditions, which are collective assets and identities of the Oromo nation, and their personal religions.

They also reminded such individuals that there is no any kind of disagreement between the Oromo culture and their religion; and that the two could smoothly go hand in hand. The second group was the younger generation. The elderly reminded this group that they shoulder the responsibilities of not only being part of the Oromo cultural revival and promotion, but also passing it on to the next generation.

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