Millions Celebrated Irreechaa in Bishoftu, Oromia

Becoming the largest religious and cultural festival in the Horn of Africa, the major Irreechaa (Thanksgiving) holiday of the Oromo people was celebrated at Hora Harsadi in Bishoftu, Oromia, on October 3, 2010.

Adorned with the national tri-color of Oromia, BLACK – RED – WHITE, more than 2 million pilgrims and festival partakers congregated at the sacred grounds of Hora Harsadi (Lake Harsadi) to thank Waqaa (God) and to welcome the new season of plentiful harvests after the dark and rainy winter season.

The Irreechaa festival is celebrated every year at the beginning of Birra (the sunny new season after the dark, rainy winter season) throughout Oromia and around the world where Diaspora Oromos live. Out of these celebrations, the one held in Bishoftu, Oromia, by Hora Harsadi is the major and the most widely known.

Banned for decades from being celebrated by the previous regimes of the Ethiopian colonialists, the IrreechaaIrreechaa festival once again experienced a ban only to be instated a few years ago through the relentless struggle of Oromo grassroots organizations, such as the Mecha and Tulama Self-Help Association. festival was reinstated in 1992 when the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) joined the Transitional Government of Ethiopia (TGE) after ousting the Derg military junta. However, after the OLF was forced out of the TGE by TPLF, the

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