Oromos in Uganda Celebrate Irreechaa

Joining the growing wave of Oromo Diaspora communities, the Oromo community in Uganda has successfully celebrated Oromo Thanksgiving Holiday, Irreechaa.

In related reports, some three million pilgrims descended on Hora Arsadi, Bishoftu on sunday to mark the day of Irreechaa.

Eddie Ssejjoba of Uganda’s leading website, “The New Vision”, reports as follows;




THE Oromo community in Uganda, one of the largest ethnic groups from Ethiopia, on Sunday celebrated the ‘Irreecha Day’ (new season) with prayers for peace.

They said, though the Somali-based al-Shabaab terrorists had targeted them, they would continue to pursue peace and collaborate with Uganda to fight terrorism. “Most of our members are political refugees and mainly Christians who love peace and have nothing to do with terrorism,” said Berhanu Gemechu, one of the leaders.

According to him, some members had been trailed by security operatives from their home government and branded terrorists. “We are peace-loving people; all our traditions and cultural practices are tied to harmony and peace. Our culture tells us to love even our enemy, that is why we came here to pray for peace for all people,” Gemechu explained.

He said Irreecha is dedicated to thanking God and asking him for better days ahead. The members gathered at the Kabaka’s Lake in Ndeeba, a city suburb, and later served traditional cuisine at Bukesa Restaurant in Nakulabye.

Emiru Angose, a community elder, hailed the Government of Uganda for treating Ethiopians with equal dignity and pledged continued loyalty. “Many times, we are treated better than at home and we have no problem with the local communities,” he said.

Picture Courtesty : Natoli Gada of LA’s Oromo community.



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