Global Oromo (Irreechaa) Renaissance

The 2010 Oromo Thanksgiving (Irreechaa) is still being celebrated in Oromia. A friend who attended one such grand celebration near Burayu town of Oromia forwards the following pictures featuring Oromo artists Biratu Lama, Tadasa Fixe and Jawe Bora.


This year’s global Oromo Thanksgiving (Irreechaa) celebrations spanned a period of almost two months and was colorfully & blissfully observed in five continents. In Oromia, Oromo peoples homeland, three million descended on Bushoftu’s famous Lake Hora Arasadi on October 3rd, 2010.

From Minnesota to Los Angeles, Calgary to Toronto, Melbourne to Switzerland, Uganda to Washington DC, and anywhere in between, Oromos from all stripes joined in to celebrate the grand cultural heritage.

There is no doubt that Irreechaa is the largest open mass celebration in Africa if not the world.  Irreechaa has unified Oromos of different faiths and beliefs emerging as the Greatest Common Factor. As a global event for all Oromos, Irreechaa has become a day of reflection and renewal. The following is a collection of reports on Irreechaa with pictures from around the world.

Soretti Deksiso of Seattle reports ,

The Oromo Community in Washington State celebrated Irreechaa at Lake Washington with Oromos from around Washington, Vancouver, Portland and friends of Oromo people on October 3rd, 2010. The celebration took place in a very traditional way starting with singing followed by prayers and blessings from elders and ended with a feast that included food and drinks.

Seattle’s Irreechaa Celebration in Pictures:


Almost three weeks later, a still enchanted Natolii Gadaa of LA Oromo Community forwards more pictures with the following comments. I am still celebrating Irreechaa. The ancient Oromo culture and wisdom never ceases to amaze me. It is more apparent than before, Oromos are back with vengeance from different angles to strength/refuel their roots and grassroots to push forward for a renaissance.


 A clear testimony to the growing significance of Irreechaa; Ben, the Editor of EthiopiaFirst.com, reports on the colorful celebration of Irreechaa in Oromia. Few years back, the Ethiopian “national” media didn’t acknowledge the occurance of such event let alone a pro-government blogger covering it.

Different reports confirm that this year’s Irreechaa at Lake Hora Arsadi was attended by more than three million people. For instance, citing Addis Fortune, Jimma Times reported that over 2.5 million people made the long pilgrim “from as far north as Tigray and as far south as Borana” to attend the celebration in Bushoftu. Here are some poignant pictures from Mr. Ben’s news page;


A reader from Oromiya forwards the following pictures via Facebook;
Oromedia reports, the successful completion of the multi-week celebration, dubbed an Irreechaa Renaissance, that was organized by the Committee for Oromummaa Renaissance and Advancement (CORA). The celebration that took place at Footscray Park in Melbourne, Australia was not only a “delight at the sight of daisy blossoms” but also a reaffirmation of Oromo people’s identity and harmony, the report said.

Accordingly, the five week celebration that began on September 5th, 2010 and ended on October 3rd, 2010, was filled, among other things, with “cultural shows, blessings, dance, music, media orientation, public awareness meetings, and rituals.”

The “spectacular cultural and historical” festival ended with Irreeffannaa where members of the Australian Oromo Community thanked “the almighty Waaqa for all the blessings throughout past years and asked for Araaraa (Reconciliation), Nagaa (Peace), Walooma (Harmony) and Finnaa (Holistic Development) for the past, the present and the future”, the report added.

2010 Irreecha in Australia In Pictures:


More on the 2010 Irreechaa Celebration Marathon :



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