Family and friends mourn the death of an Oromo man

Ali Mohammed, 27The families and friends of an Oromo man (Ali Mohammed) who was killed on October 15, 2010 by the owner and four other employees of DC9 Night Club, plans to hold a candle light ceremony on Tuesday October 19th, 2010 at 6pm.  The five men were arrested and charged with second degree murder, but later the charges were reduced to aggravated assault.  Four of the five people that involved in this brutal crime were released the next day. 

The club was closed by DC police for 96hrs. According to our source, the club plans to reopen on the same day as the candle light ceremony.  The families and friends of Ali Mohammed plan to protest this action. Be there and show support!

WASHINGTON – D.C. Police posted a sign on the DC9 night club officially shutting it down in the wake of a murder investigation.

The family of Silver Spring resident Ali Mohammed says they are still trying to understand why he was killed after going to the club.

“Ali was very nice. He was a humble person and a lovely family person,” said the victim’s brother Hussein Abudawod.

“I was driving to work to drop my wife. Unfortunately, we got a bad call. When I came home, I heard that Ali was killed in U Street,” said Ahmad Galtchu, Mohammed’s father.

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