Lencho Lata : Personal Responsibility, a Prelude to Genuine Liberation

On September 25th a meeting was held involving former senior OLF leaders and founders. The forum convened in Washington DC was organized by Oromo Artists Association (OAA). The first video segment of the speech given at the reconciliation forum by Ahmed Hussein was published on last week.

What follows is the final installment. The public meeting was part of an effort by OAA to consolidate the move toward national unity. The panel brought together elders who had labored to bring together OLF factions so as to revitalize the Oromo struggle.

At the conclusion of the reconciliation meeting, separate from the meeting organized by OAA, two of the main OLF factions agreed to reconcile and signed a ground breaking unification agreement, billed as a welcome relief by Oromo nationalists uneasy about the deleterious impact of internal division among Oromo freedom fighters.  The joy will be profound if unity is to be cemented within five months, as the agreement stipulated. After the devastating splits that shook the OLF over the last decade, the current agreement is the first such successful attempt at reconciliation.

On the occasion, Lencho Lata, the former Deputy General Secretary of OLF, emphasized individual accountability as part and parcel of national self-determination, the first step being the erasing of divisive colonial administrative boundaries from the mental map of individual Oromos and the habit of taking personal responsibility as a prelude to genuine liberation.

Dr. Dima Nago and Taha Abdi, both founders and former prominent leaders of the OLF, talked about the arduous and road traveled by OLF to bring the Oromo from a neglected, unacknowledged, and despised mass into a formidable political force within the lifespan of one generation. The founders argued that it is up to the current generation to finish the unfinished journey of Oromo emancipation, for which thousands of martyrs have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Here are the videos segments from our partners at OdaaTV.


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