Press Release: Oromo Community of Munich

“It is queer to see democracy and tyranny being hands in gloves”

January 30th, 2011 – On Saturday February 5th,  2011, members of the Oromo diaspora residing in Europe will  gather at Neuausser str., in front of “Bayrischer Hof.” The rally in metropolis city of  Munich, Germany is being called to  protest the participation of Ethiopia’s despotic leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in the International Global Security  Conference planned for February 4-6, 2011.

The minority regime of Meles Zenawi is best known for its mock elections of which his party won 99.6% of parliamentary seats in most recent one, systematic and gross human rights violations, anti-press law, environmental degradation, eviction of peasants from their land without compensation and etc. Therefore, it is appalling to see leaders of democratic countries, the bastion of freedom, taking seats besides Meles Zenawi. This is nothing but promotion of despotism.

The Oromo Community in Munich calls upon and appeals to all peace loving and democratic forces to condemn the brutal and systematic repression being perpetrated by Meles’ regime against Ethiopia’s nations and nationalities.

We hereby ask all democratic governments to stop financing and promoting Zenawi’s regime that is committing genocide against the people of Ethiopia.


Peace Shall Prevail

Oromo Community of Munich



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