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The Midwest Oromo Community center was established in 2009. MOC is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization. Its purpose is to provide education, leadership, support and other services for newly resettled refugees from the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia). Such services include: providing social, recreational and academic support to Oromo youth and families; preserving and promoting the Oromo culture and language; and mediation to help resolve conflicts. In addition, MOC hopes to educate the American public about the Oromo people and their history.


The MOC was established to facilitate a smoother transition for Oromos trying to establish themselves in central Minnesota. In addition, MOC is meant to put in place a network of social support that these immigrants have left behind in their homeland. By helping to liaise between newly arrived immigrants and local businesses and agencies, MOC hopes to establish positive relationships between the Oromo community and other communities in Central Minnesota.

{xtypo_quote}MOC was designed to address the following barriers and challenges:  Limited proficiency in the English language and/or illiteracy, lack of knowledge and awareness on American culture, academic and school challenges (e.g. transportation issue, communication  difficulty, etc), career and employment barriers, culture shock (adjusting to a new living environment, school and community), and financial, emotional, and mental health issues.{/xtypo_quote}

Who Are the Oromo People?

The Oromo are a Cushitic people from the Horn of Africa. They have a long history of trade with the Somali, another Cushitic people to the east of Oromiya. Parts of Oromiya have been subjugated by Somali rulers, as well as by the Amhara and Tigray to the north. However, the Oromo maintained a distinct society, language and culture.

Initiative Foundation Grant to MOC

Midwest Oromo Com-munity (MOC) has recently received a grant for $12,350 from the Initiative Foundation. These funds are devoted to organizational training, wages for a part-time con-tract worker and some office equipment.  The grant effort was led by MOC executive director Mohamed Webo. Significant assistance was obtained from Center for Non-Profit Excellence and Social Innovation, MOC’s fiscal sponsor. Jeannette Bineham, Executive Director of CNESI, was particularly supportive and willing to offer advice and encouragement at a crucial stage.

Website : http://midwestoromo.org



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