ULFO’s Statement on the OLF Reunification

With a heartfelt gratitude, we in the United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO) would like to congratulate our brothers in the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) for their courageous move to successfully complete the steps necessary to resolve their internal differences. At this time when Oromiyaa is facing a gathering danger from its enemies, it is incumbent upon each and every Oromo organization to unite and work forcefully for the liberation of Oromiyaa.

The move by two of the OLF groups that were separately organized for the last couple of years to leave the era of senseless factionalism behind and embark upon resolving their internal differences is commendable. ULFO sees this move as a step in the right direction of future journey to unify all Oromo forces so we can all stand against the enemy in unison.


ULFO has always believed that Unity among the Oromo forces is the surest way to victory against our enemies. In fact ULFO is itself a unified entity of previously separate Oromo organizations. OLF groups’ move in finalizing the basis for the reconciliation, therefore, is directly in par with ULFO’s call for unity. We hereby congratulate the OLF for taking this step.

Now that the OLF has taken the necessary step to reconcile and reunify at least two of its factions, we hope that the day will come sooner when the OLF is completely reunified. In any event, ULFO assures the reunified OLF and the Oromo people at large that we intend to explore ways to work with the reunified OLF to fasten the liberation of Oromiyaa. In this regard, ULFO’s “Call of Time for the Oromo Political forces and the People of Oromiyaa” stand.

Executive Committee of United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa

Unity is Strength!!!

Oromiyaa shall be free!!!



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