Ethiopia: A Call for Joint Town Hall Meeting in Toronto

Woyane has been a cause of death and destruction. Meles has committed crimes against humanity, including genocide in Oromia, Gambela, the Ogaden region and elsewhere in the country. Thousands are fleeing the country. Millions have been displaced. Eating one meal a day has become a privilege for millions of Ethiopians. Ethiopia’s land is being sold to foreigners while farmers are displaced.

It is time for the TPLF dictator to go. It is also time for all Ethiopians throughout the world to speak out in one voice, to join hand in hand, to topple the ethno-apartheid dictator. We, Human Rights and Democracy Advocates, call on all Ethiopians irrespective of ethnic or language differences, to form bridges among communities, to talk to each other to break Meles Zenawi’s divide-and-rule tactic. We believe that if we can accommodate our differences by learning from the past mistakes, we will accelerate the inevitable victory against Woyane tyranny as those new revolutions currently undertaking in the Middle East and North Africa.

The following speakers will address the necessity of unity against the ethnic dictatorship of Meles Zenawi’s regime:

  •  Jawar Mohamed (Activist and Political Analyst)
  • Abebe Belew (Addis Dimts Radio Host)
  • Obang Metho (SMNE Director)
  • Mohamed Hassan (Researcher and Founder of Canadian Center for Ogaden Researcher and Advocacy (CANCORA)), and
  • Allo Aydahis (From the Afar movment )

Full story and to view the flyer in PDF see (Gadaa.com)



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