2011 Oromo Youth Leadership Conference

Dear all Oromo Youth,

This summer, the International Oromo Youth Association (IOYA) will be holding a monumental Oromo Leaders Youth Conference (OYLC): for the first time, IOYA is going to be providing the opportunity and space for Oromo leaders and Oromo youth specifically to meet and engage in dialogue. Looking back on past OYLCs, IOYA has strived to build leadership skills and networks among the Oromo youth and to provide a platform upon which to voice ideas, interests, and concerns. This year, OYLC plans to also add the element of cross-generational communication. We have invited different Oromo religious leaders, all OLF leaders, ULFO leaders, OSA leaders, and other prominent individuals as well for a round table discussion and most have already responded and confirmed their attendance.


This year, OYLC will be held from July 15, 2011- July 18, 2011. Further details about the conference will be explained in the near the future. Registration will open May 30th. Because space is especially limited this year, please be prepared to register promptly after registration opens.


Kulani Jalata

Vice President, IOYA

and others.



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