OLF, ONLF, Ginbot 7, GDM, and GCMCE Support Groups Agree to Work Together

We, members of the support groups of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), the Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy, the Gambella Democratic Movement (GDM) and the Global Civic Movement for Change in Ethiopia (GCMCE) residing in Minnesota, after many deliberations agree to work together for the aspirations and best wishes of all people currently repressed and marginalized by the Meles Zenawi’s regime in Ethiopia.

We agree to work together for the realization of the peoples’ rights to self-determination and supremacy of the people, a democratic and peaceful resolution of political differences and a just, representative and genuine democratic process. We also would like to be a vehicle to eliminate mistrust and suspicion between political groups and communities to put an end to the existing destructive mentality of winner takes all.

Full Press Release : JointDeclaration of Minnesota’s support groups.



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