Oromo Picnic Finals : Utaa Waayyuu vs 10, 000 Lakes

Here is OPride.com’s coverage of the 2011 Oromo Picnic Finals. The soccer match was one of the well-attended activities at the July 4th Oromo Community Picnic.

OPride.com reporters paid a brief visit to both team’s bench to get a glimpse of how they plan to win. We also had a chance to talk with Mr. Milkesso Uka, the President of Utaa Waayyuu soccer team. In the final match-up, 10,000 Lakes won first place in a hard-fought friendly game.

Both teams are expected to participate in the 2011 OSFNA tournament that will be held at Griffin Stadium located on the grounds of St. Paul Central High School. More information about OSFNA and the 2011 soccer tournament can be found at : http://www.osfna.com.




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