OYA’s 2011 Cultural Night : One Night in Oromia

This year’s cultural night, themed “One Night in Oromia,” was unlike any other the reporter has seen. The theme was carefully carried out to give the audience a cultural synopsis of Oromia. From humorous jokes by the emcees Jamal aka J.J and Gutama to excellent performances of cultural dances by OYA’s professional dance troupe, it was an epic event. The skit was funny and on point. The poems clearly sent the audience into nostalgic mood.

Despite a widespread campaign to advertise the stint, for the show the youth have put up, turnout was disappointing. The event was RSVPed by over 300 people on Facebook. The social networking site was literally plastered with information about the event and members changing their profile pictures to the flyer of the event.

Despite the low turn-out, the event went as planned. Every step of the way, the dances were heart-stopping. The audience was loudly cheerful. OYA leaders and members deserve immense credit for taking pride in their identities and upholding their cultural traditions.

Here are the videos from the event. Put together by Hegeree Media.




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