Oromia Youth Association’s community banquet

Written by Mohammed A

The Minnesota based Oromia Youth Association in collaboration with the International Oromo Youth Association, an umbrella organization for Oromo youth associations around the world, present a community banquet to address some of “the issues hindering the Oromo Community from attaining economic stability,” its press release said.

The purpose of the banquet is to introduce the Oromo Community in Minnesota, the largest outside the Horn of Africa, to entrepreneurship and economic development opportunities. According to the statement, the event aims to offer a new look at economic development given the community’s lack of knowledge about financial literacy.

The Jan. 6, 2012 event will feature a panel of experts who’re experienced in areas of financial literacy, job search, and business entrepreneurship. Minnesota is believed to be a home to an estimated 20,000 Oromos. The event will provide this thriving community with resources on job training and pertinent information on how economic stability should be perceived.

The panelists will present their businesses and offer financial literacy, job application and resume workshops while availing themselves to attendants for a chance to ask business related questions. The panel is expected to offer important tools to guide the community on how to lead “a successful life in America.” 

Free food and entertainment will also be provided. In addition, there will also be poems and other activities by the youth to engage the audience.

Underscoring the significance of the banquet, Amane Kawo, the President of the Minnesota group wrote,

This event holds a great significance for the Oromo community, but it’s more than just a community banquet, it’s a day of hope. You do not have to be Oromo to be in attendance, every individual in Minnesota is welcome to attend. We ask that you join us, as we look at economic development within our community.

The organizers can be reached at or
The event will be held at the Oromo Community center located at 465 Mackubin Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55103.



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