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UDJ claims harassment and arrest of its members

Ethiopian opposition party Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) claims harassment and intimidation in the wake of protests.

Following suit of newly founded opposition group Semayawi or Blue Party, and UDJ staged protests in the northern towns of Dessie and Gondar.

The protests held on July 14 called citizens to sign a petition against the anti-terrorism proclamation and the release of jailed journalists and political prisoners.


UDJ party members and supporters in Gondar alleged harassment and intimidation by local authorities following up to the protest. UDJ chairman Negasso Gidada stated that 42 party members in the capital were arrested a day after the protest.

Sudan Tribune reported,

According to Gidada, an estimated 90,000 people joined the demonstrations over the weekend, which called for the release of jailed politicians and journalists, as well as demanding political reform.

“We are demanding the release of our members, as well as all other political prisoners being detained under the pretext of terrorism”, Gidada said. The opposition official said his party would continue to conduct similar protests in different parts of the country until the government meets their demands.



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