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Scottish lessons for Oromo nationalists

Read more...In a landmark referendum on Sept. 18,  the people of Scotland will vote Yes or No to determine the future of their 300-year-old union with England.

Ethiopia's trade data and the effect of devaluation on import prices

Read more...This is part II of J. Bonsa's piece on devaluation of birr as a way to fix Ethiopia’s economic troubles. This section focuses on Ethiopia's trade data and highlights the implications of devaluation of the birr for import prices.

Bail justice in Oromia: Denial and delaying of bail as a punishment

Read more...(OPride) The infamous Addis Ababa master plan is back in the news. Oromo students gathered at various campuses around Oromia for scheduled indoctrination campaigns are asking authorities to table the master plan as one of the agenda items to be discussed during the meetings.

Is devaluation of birr the answer to Ethiopia’s economic troubles?

Read more...(OPride) In a new report released last month, the World Bank recommended a 10 percent devaluation of the Ethiopian birr, saying depreciating birr can “increase export growth by more than 5 percentage points per year and increase economic growth by more than 2 percentage points.”