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Sovereign bond may prove to be a nightmare for Ethiopia

Read more...Ethiopian has recently joined the sovereign bond market, where governments sell debt to investors with a guarantee that they would pay periodic interest rates and the initial investment value at maturity.

Wayyuu, Siinqee and Gora among the Arsi and Guji Oromo

Read more...Editor's note: This is an excerpt from a much larger study conducted by  Ayalew  Getachew Assefa in partnership with the The Danish Institute for Human Rights.

Scottish lessons for Oromo nationalists

Read more...In a landmark referendum on Sept. 18,  the people of Scotland will vote Yes or No to determine the future of their 300-year-old union with England.

Ethiopia's trade data and the effect of devaluation on import prices

Read more...This is part II of J. Bonsa's piece on devaluation of birr as a way to fix Ethiopia’s economic troubles. This section focuses on Ethiopia's trade data and highlights the implications of devaluation of the birr for import prices.