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#OromoProtests in Perspective

Read more...(TCDP)  Since April 25th, thousands of high school and university students across Ethiopia’s largest region, Oromia, have turned out in peaceful protest against a government land grab that stands to displace millions of indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands.

Should language disqualify my Oromo identity?

Read more...(OPride) -- My grandfather Ayana Debosie Halo had a habit of making the entire family tune into his favorite radio station: The Voice of Oromo Liberation (better known by its Oromo acronym SBO).

Addis Ababa's poorly planned decentralization and #OromoProtests

Read more...by Abel D. Ayele

(OPride) -- The Oromo student protests in Ethiopia, which began last month in opposition to Addis Ababa’s controversial expansion, continued this week.

Addis Ababa's master plan, a project to further marginalize Oromos

Read more...By Bona Geshe

(OPride) — The Addis Ababa City Administration's plan to unconstitutionally expand the city’s territorial boundaries under the guise of development have sparked a growing protest around the country.