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Oromo women's silent struggle for equality

Read more ...While reading Seenaa Jimjimo’s new book, “The In-Between,” I was reminded of the inequality and discrimination that diaspora Oromo women face on daily basis, issues which are often muted both in Oromo academic writings or in online conversations on social media and Oromo websites.

Does Ethiopia really need another mega airport?

Read more ...(OPride) — In his recent piece, “How Ethiopia Is Shaking Off Its Famine-Stricken Image,” AP's Ethiopia correspondent Elias Meseret portrayed the country’s current rulers as visionary leaders who pulled millions of Ethiopians out of misery.

Ethiopia’s electoral authoritarianism, free press and accountability

Read more ...(OPride) — About a dozen elections have been held in Ethiopia over the last century, most of them during the reign of the incumbent regime.

A Response to Albasa Dagaga’s Babel Tower of Self-Contradictions

By EJ*

Read more ...

If one were to size up Albasa Dagaga’s recent op-ed, “The Oromo Quest for Independence: The Elusive Leenco Factor,written in response to Laaloo Guduru’s and Raammoo Cuqulisaa’s pieces, one cannot escape summing it up as a Babel Tower of self-defeating, self-contradictions.