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Five Oromo events you should not miss this summer

Read more...(OPride) Annual events and festivals are something everyone looks forward to. They afford us opportunities to reminisce with old friends, make new friends and memories that last for ages.

Ethiopia’s flawed constitution: why the law cannot protect you

Read more...(OPride) Irish political philosopher Edmund Burke once remarked, “Bad laws are the worst form of tyranny. People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power.

Crony capitalism and the myth behind Ethiopia's economic miracle

Read more...(OPride) – Over the last decade, Ethiopia has been hailed as the fastest growing non-oil economies in Africa, maintaining a double-digit annual economic growth rate. The Ethiopian government says the country will join the middle-income bracket by 2025.

Lessons and the future of the #OromoProtests

Read more...(OPride) In his book The Dictator’s Learning Curve, journalist William Dobson writes, “revolutions, if they are to be successful, require planning, preparation, and an intelligent grasp of how to anticipate and outwit a repressive regime that thinks of little beyond preserving its own power.”


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