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Q&A with Professor Abbas Haji Gnamo

Read more...(OPride) ­­– Oromo scholar, professor Abbas Haji Gnamo has a new book out. OPride’s Sinke Wesho talked to Prof. Abbas about his book, research, community service, academic career and much more.

Oromo refugees caught in the crossfire of Kenya’s stop-and-frisk

Read more...(OPride) — Since Kenya began its security operations on March 31, nearly 6,000 foreigners and some Kenyan citizens of Somali origin have been arrested.

Aanolee: ‘a tragedy on which Ethiopian sources are silent'

Read more...(OPride) – Hundreds of thousands gathered in Hetosa, Arsi zone of Oromia, the largest of Ethiopia's nine federal states, for the unveiling of the Aanolee Cultural Center on April 6, 2014, local media reported.

Ethiopia’s surveillance state targets the Oromo, HRW

Read more...(OPride) — The Ethiopian government uses its monopoly over the telecommunications system to curtail the right to privacy, freedoms of expression, access to information and lawful opposition activities, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a comprehensive report released last week.

On Oromo struggle: why denial is not an option

Read more...By Naomi Y

(OPride) Discussions about "unity” and identity has never been easy in the context of Ethiopian political discourse. Different ideas and platforms were suggested at different times. However, each time, those ideas were simply shelved or met with vehement criticism, and eventually vanished.

Beloved Oromo Singer Almaz Tafara Dies


(OPride) — Almaz Tafara, famed Oromo singer and songwriter, died on Mar. 22 at Police Referral Hospital in Addis Ababa after long illness with blood cancer. Her daughter confirmed the news, adding the body is now being transported to Harar. She was 57.