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Susan Rice: Ethiopia’s election was “absolutely -- 100 percent” democratic

Read more ...(OPride) — U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Thursday briefed reporters and responded to questions on President Barack Obama’s five-day trip to Ethiopia and Kenya. She talked about the president’s itinerary and priorities during his controversial stopover in Addis Ababa. 

Oromo migrants still flowing to Yemen despite the fighting

Read more ...(OPride) — Yemen is reeling from a devastating Saudi-led airstrikes and a protracted political crisis with no end in sight. Even as foreign countries scramble to evacuate their citizens to safety, hundreds of Somali and Ethiopian migrants are still attempting to cross the Gulf of Aden, braving the harsh and unforgiving journey in search of a better life.

Ethiopia frees prominent Oromo opposition leader Bekele Garba

Read more ...(OPride) On each trip to prison to visit my father, I pray, ‘Dear God, let there be no reason for me to come back again,’”Bontu Bekele Garba, wrote in a Facebook note on Feb. 6.

Living with fistula and the stigma of being childless in Ethiopia

Read more ...(OPride) — Dinqee Abose, 22, comes from a rural village near the town of Mendi in western Wallaga, Oromia, Ethiopia.

REAL celebrates 10th year anniversary

Read more ...by Ayantu Ayana

(OPride) -- Much has been said about the benefits of investing in the education of girls and women over the last three decades.

Ethiopia boots out "visiting" ODF delegation

Read more ...(OPride) -- A senior delegation of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) led by veteran Oromo leader, Lencho Lata, had been told to leave Ethiopia days after returning home to pursue peaceful struggle, the group said in a statement on Sunday.