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2011 Oromo Soccer Tournament Diary : Day 2 & 3 Recap

Read more ...Saint Paul, MN – On Day two of the Oromo soccer tournament, three games were played. The first game between Dire Dawa and Oromo United (OU) was one of the most anticipated games in the division. Natural rivals, the two teams played a sophisticated game. OU won 2-1 leaving the defending champs, Dire, arguably caught in a difficult grouping, unhappy and vulnerable.

Announcement : Open Public Forum for All Ages

Announcement from IOYA: There will be an Open Public Forum for All Ages during the OYLC 2011 at Carlson School of Management, Room 1-147, at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis on July 18th, 2011. This forum will be an opportunity to connect the youth to the public, present findings from the OYLC, and share our plans for the future. We want the public to take part in the growth of our ideas and we need their support, so please come and share your ideas with us at the OYLC Youth Forum. Forum begins at 1pm!

Bareedduu Oromoo : 2011 Miss Oromo Pageant, Thursday July 21st

Bareedduu Oromo (Miss Oromo Pageant) is this Thursday. Started in Seattle Washington, organizers of Oromo pageant are taking their experience on the road. For the first time, the Oromo pageant will be held in Little Oromia.

The tradition began in 2003 during North American Oromo Soccer Tournament in Seattle. It was colorfully repeated last year creating even more buzz leading to the selection of last year's winner to participate in Miss Oromia Pageant held in Oromia.