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From one hell to the next, and back: the plight of Ethiopian migrants in Gulf States

Read more...by Sinke Wesho

(OPride) – At least three Ethiopian citizens had been killed in Saudi Arabia and scores wounded following a visa-related crackdown that began last week.

On November 8, when police started the field security sweep, in a matter of hours, police rounded up hundreds of migrants who did not have “legitimate” residency papers.

Chaltu as Helen: an everyday story of Oromos traumatic identity change

Read more...by Tigist Geme

(OPride) – Author and novelist Tesfaye Gebreab released his eighth book “Ye Sidetengaw Mastawesha an immigrant's memoir ­– online, as a free PDF, after an alleged fallout with his publisher, Netsanet Publishing Agency (NPA).

Commemorating 50 Years of Oromo Struggle led by General Waqo Gutu

Read more...by Mohammed Ademo

(OPride) – In early 1960s, Oromo dissidents from the Bale province in southeastern Ethiopia organized a small band of combatants to end the repressive and exploitative Amhara settler rule and the unscrupulous expropriation of Oromo land by absentee landlords.

Oromo Community of Minnesota Elects New Board Members

Read more...(OPride) – The Oromo Community of Minnesota (OCM) elected a new board last weekend in a successful gathering hailed as ‘historic.’


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