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TPLF and the unsettled question of identity in Ethiopia

Read more ...By Israel Fayisa

(OPride) – Political philosopher Thomas Hobbes argued the desire for fulfillment of human needs leads people to fight over material interests such as food, drink, shelter and above all the preservation of their own bodies.

No universal Ethiopian hero or history: a rejoinder to Al Mariam

Read more ...By Buri Waddesso

(OPride) – Menelik II, Ethiopia's brutal 19th century king, has made a sudden return to the Ethiopian media spotlight over the last two months. Much has been written, from opposing viewpoints, in connection with a centennial intended to mark the 100th year of his death.

Why is it that only Amhara elites denounce Ethiopia’s ethnic federalism?

Read more ...by Hundanol A. Kebede

(OPride) – There is an ongoing coordinated attack on the right of nations and nationalities to self-determination in Ethiopia. This campaign is led exclusively by the Amhara elite with the aim of creating delusions among the general public.

Unpacking Amhara's self-denial and the Ethiopian identity

Read more ...(OPride) - Identity has always been at the core of human socio-political evolution. The institution of slavery was based on identity. Imperialism took place at the expense of different identities. Today, democratic governments around the world struggle to address questions of identity.


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