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'Bad Sponsors: My Immigration Experience' by Tolessa Gurmessa

Read more...Review by Mohammed Ademo

(OPride) – Why do people still come to America?

Even with a broken immigration system and a sluggish economy, the United States still holds promise of a better life for immigrants from around the world. Each year, thousands make the often-treacherous journey sometimes by sea and then across land to reach America’s shores. Upon arrival, many take menial jobs, laying as low as possible to avoid being detected by immigration authorities and yanked away for deportation.

UNHCR moving Oromo refugees to a safer area within Cairo

Read more...(OPride) – UNHCR is planning to temporarily relocate Oromo refugees to a safer neighborhood within Cairo from their current residences, activists said. Oromo refugees in Egypt have been camping outside the UNHCR regional office for over two weeks demanding physical protection amid anti-Ethiopia backlash over the Nile dam stalemate.

Horn of Africa This Week

Read more...(OPride) – Our roundup of the biggest headlines from and about the Horn of Africa region for the week ending 6/21. Mebrat Tekle curated this weekly edition of horn news roundup with additional editing from Arijeta Lajka.

Human rights and democracy in Ethiopia: dilemma to U.S. engagement


(OPride) – The unrestricted flow of foreign aid to Ethiopia amid rampant human rights violations and restrictive political environment threatens the Horn of Africa country’s continued existence, opposition officials said on Thursday.  


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