Jawar Mohammed

Failure to Deliver: The Journey of the Oromo Liberation Front in the Last Two Decades

By Jawar Siraj Mohammed

Writing this article, I understand that I am touching on one of the most closely guarded taboos, the untouchability of the OLF. I also understand that, because so many precious lives were sacrificed under the banner of this organization, emotions run very high at the mention of criticism. However, I have the right and the duty to share my views and ideas regarding our movement.

I have no intention to inflict any discomfort on any particular individual or group, I have tried to be as impartial as possible but if anyone is personally offended, I hope you will grant me forgiveness. The article touches on some of the most controversial topics in our politics; therefore, I plead with my readers to patiently and soberly look through the entire essay in order to get the overall message.

Note: This is not a research or scholarly paper, it is purely based on my understanding of the issue from informal discussion I had with former and current members of the leadership, active and retired members, ex-soldiers in Oromia and abroad, discussion forums, public gatherings and what I observed in Oromia over the past years. In this article, OLF refers to all the three faction that are using the name, and the general criticism is fully applicable to all Diaspora based political organizations.

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