Opride Exclusive Interview with Yassin Juma

Yassin Juma with Falmatu, Photo by NTV Facebook

The “Inside the Rebel Territory” documentary about Oromo Freedom Fighters was a major news maker among Kenyans, Ethiopians and the Oromo people in August.

Yassin Juma a senior reporter for NTV Kenya a Nation Media Group’s TV broadcast station, along with cameraman Eric OKoth, ventured into the rarely mentioned and less publicized territory of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) guerrilla fighters.The Oromo struggle against tyranny in Ethiopia led by the OLF is one of the longest running guerrilla movements in the region.

The candid documentary that narrated the lives of rag-tag OLF fighters has sparked a diplomatic row between Kenya and Ethiopia, a streaming of protest from free speech advocates and euphoria of sort among the Oromo Diaspora.



After weeks of waiting to get in touch with the Journalist behind the making of the much talked about documentary, has talked exclusively and at length with Yassin Juma. Stay tuned, the interview will be featured on our website in coming days.



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